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Thanks to XD real-time animation technologies, virtual puppeteering is easier than ever! Pioneered by Disney Parks with the “Stitch Live” shows, the Live animated show is a unique immersive experience to share with the family. Animate your 3D mascot live inside an animated story thanks to the ANIMAKIT app that enable you to control the character, backgrounds & VFX of a show that can renew itself regularly.
Here is an example of Live animated Show in Ocean Park Hong Kong. We can see the set-up of the “kids cinema”, with kids sitting on the floor in front of the screen together with the MC, and the rest of the audience at the back.


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  • Layout designs « kids cinema »
  • Interior design based on the theme
  • Script writing and storyboard design
  • 3D modeling of characters and backgrounds
  • Animation and effects designs
  • Sound and lighting design
  • Full show integration in Animakit
  • Installation and training
  • Operation
    It’s like watching a cartoon, but Live. Characters, background and effects are displayed by real-time engines running on computers. The characters and actions are being played Live by actor’s backstage which the audience can’t see, such as a puppet Show. On stage, an MC and the audience can react and interact with the story and the virtual mascot. Additional specials effects are added such as lighting, smoke, water effects... In relationship with the story, and triggered by the show computer.
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