XD Productions XD Productions
XD Productions, it’s industrial platform for production and Post-production in 4K

We are specialized in production and research in computer graphics, putting imagination and innovation on screen for 20 years! Founded by pioneers of computer graphics and motion capture in France, XD Productions pushes the limit of screens in the whole world with a subsidiary in Asia.
  • Anim 3D Studio in France since 1999
  • TV Production + 3D realtime R&D
  • 600sqm Mocap Studio in Bry sur Marne
  • Hong Kong subsidiary for Asia market

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    Jacques Peyrache
    Philippe Souchet
    Emilie Deyzac
    Production director
    Julien Peyrache
    Commercial Director
    Rosa Baptista
    Cédric Niquin
    Research engineer
    Thomas Mirre
    IT Developer
    Digital art director
    Hermes Lee
    XD China director
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